Masaryk Secondary School of Chemistry

Per Aspera ad Astra (To the stars through hardship)

is the motto of MSŠCH, one of the oldest secondary schools in the Czech Republic, located in the centre of Prague. See the map.

It is a government-funded secondary school providing education free of charge to four hundred pupils aged 15 - 19 years. The study is completed by a state examination (Maturita)

The school has a long history dating back to 1894 when its building was constructed and Realgymnasium (grammar school) established here. The current secondary technical school, focused on chemistry, moved to this place in 1952 and is referred to as Masarykova střední škola chemická from 1994.

The students are provided with both general and specialized training. All pupils do English at B1-B2 CEFR levels and German or French at A1-A2 CEFR levels.

The school has signed up to the initiative Responsible Care, has been awarded an honorary title Eco-school in recognition of a long-term environmentally friendly conduct. Between 1997 – 2009 the school cooperated in two international  projects with partner schools in eight countries and is keen to set up more international educational projects.

Our study branch is Applied Chemistry (code 28-44-M/01).

In Year1 all pupils take up the common study programme and in Year 2 they choose a specialization according to their interests.

There are currently three specializations

  • Clinical and toxicological analysis
  • Synthesis and preparation of pharmaceuticals
  • Forensic chemistry

Prospects of Our Graduates

The graduates of applied chemistry find jobs as assistants in analytical, environmental, biochemical, physical chemistry, organic chemistry laboratories, further as ecologists, assistants at schools, technologists, toxicologists, as assistants in business companies - division chemistry, as technicians etc. They are also well prepared for studies at all universities and colleges, especially The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (VŠCHT)  and the Faculty of Science of Charles University.

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