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CODE Study branch Specialization
28-44-M/01 Applied Chemistry
  • Clinical and toxicological analysis
  • Synthesis and preparation of pharmaceuticals
  • Forensic chemistry


28-44-M/01  Applied Chemistry

Applied chemistry is a newly conceived study branch which replaces until now used study branches - chemical technology and analytical chemistry. The first grade is common to all students and then they will be divided into classes with different specializations according to their interests (see the chart of study branches)

We are surrounded by chemistry

Air, water, soil, all living and non-living in our world is made of chemical compounds and all is being changed by means of chemical reactions. Chemical reactions are essential for life at all levels and for food chains from bacteria to man. During the envelpoment of the Earth chemical reactions formed the deposits of raw materials and supplies of fossil fuels, from which we now by means of other reactions gain most energy and produce all we need.

Chemistry - branch with good prospects

Chemical industry has a good position in our country. Enterprises put money into new technologies and ecology. European standards of quality are demanded everywhere. This trend cannot do without competent people. New progress is expected in the field of waste technologies, recycling and biotechnologies.

Analytical chemistry focuses on the testing of the state of environmet and watches over the quality of production. Development of instrumental technology allows to analyse very complex mixtures and determine extremely low concentrations of substances in question. Modern instruments are mostly connected with computers and need skilled staff.

Prospects of Our Graduates

The graduates of applied chemistry find jobs as assistants in analytical, environmental, biochemical, physical chemistry, organic chemistry laboratories, further as ecologists, assistants at schools, technologists, toxicologists, as assistants in business companies - division chemistry, as technicians etc.

The graduates of applied chemistry are also prepared for studies at all universities, especiallly VŠCHT (Institute of Chemical Technology) and Charles University (Natural Sciences, Pharmacology, Pedagogy...)

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